Terms and Conditions of the Affiliate Program

Affiliate Marketing Agreement 

  1. There will be no employer-employee relationship between course owner Michael Kobrin and the affiliate marketer. 
  2. The affiliate marketer must be registered and approved by the system to begin the collaboration. 
  3. The affiliate marketer will receive 30% of the sales made through the personal link received. 
  4. In the case of using discount coupons, the distribution of payment will be calculated according to the money actually paid.
  5. The payment will be made in the 15th of every month, via paypal (worldwide), or via bank transfer (Israeli residents only). 
  6. After payment, a receipt must be sent by the affiliate marketer to Michael Kobrin, to the email address – michaelkobrinofficial@gmail.com.
  7. You can connect to the system to check your sales status.
  8. A transaction made through the dedicated link will be considered a sale. We will pay referral fees only for links that are automatically tracked and reported by our systems. 
  9. We will not pay referral fees if someone says they signed up through you, but our system did not track it.  
  10. The system will remember the customer 30 days from the moment he clicks on the affiliate marketer link. 
  11. Each party may terminate the cooperation by updating by email at any time, without any obligation. 
  12. The affiliate marketer must be 18 years of age or older to join this program.
  13. The responsibility for securing all usernames and passwords issued (including those of each invitee) rests with you (the affiliate marketer).
  14. You may not use the Program for any illegal or unauthorized purpose. You may not, in using the Program, violate any laws in your jurisdiction (including copyright laws).
  15. There will be no additional requirement from the courses owner – Michael Kobrin.
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